Saturday, May 08, 2010

ECTA Speed Trials

On April 10 my brass quintet, Excalibur, played at an outdoor wedding reception in Darlington, SC. It was held at a beautiful home on a really nice piece of property, and the weather could not have been finer. We played from around 11:30 until 1:00.

When we were finished there I headed north through several small towns, scoring a few new post office photos along the way. Just north of Society Hill on Hwy 401 I stumbled upon the grave of Abel Kolb, a murdered Revolutionary War Patriot.

I encountered this neat building mural in Bennettsville, SC, hometown of the Tom Haverford character on "Parks and Recreation." I love all the building murals around this state.

I then made it to Maxton, NC, where I went to watch the East Coast Timing Association speed trials. It is a sanctioned land speed record organization, similar to Bonneville in Utah, and they hold events a few times a year; I was fortunate that they ran on the day of the wedding, since the two are somewhat close. I saw a few cars break the 200mph barrier and a couple of motorcycles hit 260mph. I moved around between the start line, the "trap" where speeds are recorded, and amongst the queue and pits to see the vehicles up close.

One of the 260mph motorcycles

Another 260mph motorcycle

This guy broke 200mph

This one did not, but it was fun to look at. :-)

Another cool vintage vehicle

Didn't get to see this guy run, but I be he was seriously fast.

All told, a very enjoyable and productive day. And I ended up with cash in my pocket, since the wedding gig paid rather handsomly! :-)


At Sunday, May 09, 2010 8:56:00 AM, Blogger Yanesan said...

Love the Studebaker Starliner still in use for speed runs.


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