Sunday, June 12, 2011

McLeod Farms - McBee, SC

Back in April I rode out to McBee (pronounced Mac'-bee with the emphasis on the first syllable - thanks to Cole for that useful nugget as well as for telling me about this wonderful place) SC to visit McLeod Farms, home of peach and strawberry farms; Big's Meats, a meat market and restaurant; and an roadside produce market, all together in one location.

I was starving when I arrived, so I first wandered into Big's and bought a scrumptious hamburger and fries; both were quite good. I ate outside at a picnic table and enjoyed the nice April day and gentle breeze.

Feeling better with fuel in my belly, I wandered around the grounds a bit and checked out the young peaches.

I then checked out their large collection of antique tractors.

The tractors are outside a building that houses a large collection of all sorts of antique items - cars, sewing machines, bottles, phones, tools ... you name, it's probably in there somewhere! And no admission charge!

Check out the external pushrods on this motor!

Before departing I checked out the produce market, which was quite stocked with fresh produce as well as canned produce, jellies, rice, etc. I took home a basket of strawberries, which turned out to be of very high quality ... they didn't last long!

So, it's taken me a couple of months to get around to making this post, and I was just about done with it and ready to post it ... well, today Donna and I made a return trip! We visited the museum and the market, where we enjoyed some ice cream and bought some peaches, blackberries, and cucumbers to bring home. And we bumped into Cole (the guy I mentioned at the top of this post) and his family! It was good to visit with him. Another good visit to McLeod Farms!


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