Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Don't try to spit out gum while wearing a full-face helmet

As I was riding this evening I decided I no longer wanted my gum. I'm generally very much against littering, but my options were pretty limited, so I pondered whether I could launch the gum over the chin bar of my helmet and decided to give it a go. I lifted the face shield and shot it out, half-expecting it to bounce off the chin bar and hit my face, but I was pleasantly surprised not to have that happen. Karma, however, caught up with me when I made it to my next stop; after getting my helmet off I found some goopy crap all over my riding pants, right around the crotch, as well as on my bike's tank and seat; sure enough, that's where the gum ended up! When I got home I must have spent 20 minutes trying to get it all off; I got most of it, but there are still traces. Lesson learned. ;-)


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