Friday, September 08, 2006

Deals Gap Ride

This past Tuesday I hit the road around 6:00am and headed to my friend Hugh's house in Toccoa, GA. It was dark and sprinkling when I left, but the rain didn't last long, and I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise. I got to Hugh's around 9:00, and our friend Brian from Wyoming had just gotten there; he and his wife were in the midst of a two week journey down to the area to visit her folks.

Brian had brought along his riding gear and used one of Hugh's Ninja 250s, so we suited up and headed off on our trio of 250s. We headed up 76, 64, and 28 to Deals Gap, where we had lunch at the Gap store, where they make a fine barbecue sandwich! We then ran the Dragon down to the overlook and back; being a weekday, there was little traffic, which was very nice. We then rode 28 down into SC, stopping at Bridal Veil Falls for a photo. From there we continued on 28, took War Woman Road to Clayton, and then 76 and 184 back to Toccoa. We covered about 300 miles and got back home around 6:00. Combined with my ride to Toccoa that morning, I covered 500 miles during the day. We had a blast, and as always, the Ninja 250s were perfect for those roads!

That evening the three of us and Brian's and Hugh's wives had dinner at an Italian restaurant in Toccoa, then headed home and enjoyed some good beer and camaraderie. Among our beers we had some Red Stripe, so we shouted the catchphrase "Hooray Beer!" from the commercial several times. :-)

Wednesday morning we arose early and enjoyed a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and fruit prepared by Hugh's wife, then Hugh and his wife headed off to work, Brian and Mandy headed off to her parents' house, and I headed home. I stopped for lunch at a place called Whiteford's Giant Burger in Clinton; I really had a jones for BBQ, so I opted not to verify the giantness of their burgers. :-) The BBQ and sides were quite tasty and filling. I hit more rain on the way home, but nothing too bad. Had a fantastic trip!

A business in Toccoa; perfect spot for a photo!

Hugh's bike collection plus mine

At Deals Gap Resort

At Deals Gap Resort

Brian adjusting the shifter to better fit his foot

Brian and Hugh

Behind Bridal Veil Falls


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