Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lexington, NC for BBQ

Last weekend a few folks from the Ninja 250 Riders Club descended upon Lexington, NC to eat and socialize at Lexington # 1 Barbecue. gives it 5 out of 5 grease stains, so it's a place that Daryl and I have been wanting to try for a while; it turned out to be quite good, though due to arriving late I ate only a sandwich (served with slaw on it, which I was accustomed to while growing up in MS but don't see very often in SC.)

Left to right: James and his wife Amber from Kernersville, NC; Maryiln from Virginia Beach, VA; Daryl from Cincinnati, Chuck (Marylin's husband), Brian, Brendan, and Cory (all from Kernersville, NC); Karen and Jeff from Holly Springs, NC; and yours truly.

The reason that I was late was about 25 miles into my journey the fuel injection system warning light came on on my VFR; it was continuing to run fine, but I didn't wish to get any further from home without knowing what the problem was, so I turned around and headed home, where I swapped bikes and headed out on the Ninja; this put me about 1.25 hours behind schedule, and I ended up getting there around 45 minutes past the agreed-upon meeting time; most folks were wrapping up eating, so I just had the sandwich. Quite tasty it was, though! A couple of days after I got home I pulled out my multimeter and service manual and determined that the problem was a faulty barometric pressure sensor, or at least a bad connection to it; the voltage readings were all good, so I cleaned the connector and went for a 100 mile test ride, and the light never came on, so apparantly that was it. Sweet!

So, after eating barbecue and kicking tires for a couple of hours we all headed our own ways; Daryl and I rode to Holly Springs to stay the night with Jeff and Karen. We had a good evening of sampling Carolina Brewery beers (less than a mile from Jeff's house) as well as a few of his harder offerings. Falling down water, as he calls it. :-)

Sunday morning Jeff and Karen treated us to a proper British breakfast (Jeff is British) of sausage, bacon, eggs, and tomatoes, along with some superb expresso. Definitely good travelling food. Daryl headed northward, and I headed southward on various roads, ultimately ending up on U.S. 1, which I took for most of the way home. I stopped at Dizzy Gillespie's birthplace in Cheraw, SC; the house is no longer there, but the land is now a park dedicated to him.

Further down U.S. 1 I came upon a sign for a Scotch cemetery, so I stopped to check it out; there were graves dating back to the early 1800's, and several tombstones were in the shape of people.

Great trip! Good to see several friends again as well as make some new ones.


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