Thursday, March 08, 2007

Peachtree Rock Nature Preserve

There is a jewel just minutes from my house called the Peachtree Rock Nature Preserve [link]; the prominent feature and source of the name is an upside-down pyramid of sandstone, formed by erosion of the lower portion.

Not far from the rock is a small waterfall, the only waterfall in the sandhill/coastal region of South Carolina.

The rock and waterfall are not too far from the parking area; there are two trails if you feel like exploring further. There is a 1/2 mile red trail and a 2 mile blue trail, which is the one that I took. The trails are well-marked but a bit rugged at times, so sturdy footwear is a must. About halfway around the blue trail is another inverted rock formation which isn't as large as the first one, but still pretty neat.

There were a good number of wrens and other small birds out and about, as well as a few doves and several vultures.

This is really a nice area, worth visiting to see the unusual rock formations and waterfall, but also a nice retreat to hike, and it'd be a nice place to take a book and find a nice spot out in the sun for a lazy hour of reading.


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