Saturday, October 27, 2007

SC Railroad Museum

Last weekend Donna and I traveled to the SC Railroad Museum in Winnsboro, SC. I'd been wanting to visit for some time, and this weekend was an extra special time to go; part of the visit experience is to take a ride on their train, and this weekend, instead of the usual diesel engine doing the work, it was a steam engine! It was the first time in 13 years that a steam engine has run in South Carolina. It was on loan from a father and son team in MN who had restored it over a ten-year period. Riding it was quite a treat! The swaying of the cars on the track, the smell, the sound; it was a very unique and neat experience. Here is a 60-second video that I filmed; you'll see folks watching in a bit of awe as we passed them; it's certainly not every day that you see a steam engine going down the rails! Here's another good video shot by someone else; at first you'll see it being pulled down the rails by a diesel engine; this is necessary since there is no turn-around point at the end; the diesel pulled us down and then disconnected, and the steam engine pulled us back.

Inside our car.
Conductor going down the line taking tickets.
Out of all the post offices that I have photographed, this is the first mobile one in my collection!
Mail slots for sorting mail.
Slots for Slidell, LA; State College, MS (Mississippi State University), and Picayune, MS

Another (non-running) steam engine at the museum.

Before departing Winnsboro, we stopped by to see the oldest continuously-running clock in the nation; it's been doing its thing for 165 years.


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