Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day Ride to Augusta, GA

I enjoyed a nice day ride on my Ninja to Augusta, GA today. En route I passed a pond, and a heron in the distance caught my eye, so I stopped for a couple of photos.

As I continued on I encountered an old church in Beech Island, SC, James Brown's hometown; I stopped for a bit to enjoy a quiet moment around the church, a fountain on its grounds, and some pretty vegetation.

I then continued on into Augusta and stopped at a favorite restaurant of mine, Beamies on the River, where I enjoyed an awesome Cuban sandwich and fries while watching some of the Michigan State - Wisconsin game.

Following my excellent meal I walked along the river for a bit and caught a black kitty on the prowl and some pretty azaleas.

Right after leaving I encountered a terrible accident just a block down from the restaurant; the speed limits on these roads are low; one or both cars must have been flying, or the SUV just very top-heavy, to flip it over.

Before getting out of town I encountered another pretty church.


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