Sunday, November 23, 2008

Greenville, SC November 8,9 2008

On November 8 Donna and I headed up to Greenville to catch a Punch Brothers concert that evening and just to get away from Columbia for a bit. Upon making it to Greenville we first enjoyed the awesome salad bar at Jason's Deli and then headed into downtown where we wandered around checking out stores including our always favorite Mast General Store. There are nine small bronze mice scattered around downtown, so we kept our eyes out and spied a few.

We encountered two really great samples of sidewalk chalk art.

We enjoyed a stroll through the Reedy River Park and enjoyed seeing all the ducks swimming around and the waterfall. Pretty cool to see a waterfall right in the middle of downtown.

We ate dinner at the Overlook Grill which overlooks the park and the waterfall. We started with some tasty spinach and artichoke dip before moving on to a pair of large, tasty quesadillas. We had just a little extra time after dinner before the concert began, so I grabbed a cup of coffee at Spill the Beans (Starbucks is right across the street but do yourself and the local merchants a favor and buy the superior local product) and enjoyed it as we browsed an art gallery and a Michelin store - first one of those I've ever seen! It featured all sorts of merchandise (shirts, coffee mugs, etc.) emblazoned with the Michelin logo. They also had the LSU-Alabama game playing, and we got to see the down-to-the-wire ending in which Bama ultimately claimed the win.

Then it was time for the concert! As usual, Donna got us stellar tickets on the third row. The guys performed an incredible set, even with a new bassist who has been with them for just a couple of weeks! They play extremely technical music, but the new guy jumped in head-first; you'd think he's been with the group for some time.

The next day we headed up the road a piece to visit the Poinsett Bridge, built in 1820; it was designed by Robert Mills, who designed the Washington Monument, and named for Joel Poinsett of Charleston, a statesman for whom the Poinsettia is named. It is in incredible shape for being nearly 200 years old.

Shot of the road heading back to civilization:

After a quick bite to eat we then headed to the zoo for a bit. Greenville's zoo is small but nice.

This little baby orangutan was a hoot to watch! He was running around playing, rolling down the hill, getting in and on his cardboard box, messing with the adult male, etc. We must have watched him play for 15 minutes.

By then we were pooped and ready to head home, so we did just that, making it home around 7:00pm. What a fun couple of days! I always enjoy visiting Greenville and look forward to our next trip.


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