Saturday, January 14, 2012


On a Sunday in late October I went to the Road Atlanta race track northeast of Atlanta for the WERA (West East Racing Association, an amateur roadracing association) Grand National Finals, the big event the wraps up their racing season. This was the sixth GNF that I've attended; they're always a great deal of fun packed with some great action.

There was a 125cc 2-stroke class running; these little machines are a hoot to watch! This has historically been the lowest of the 3 MotoGP classes, though this past year was their last; like the middle and premier classes, they have made the move to 4-stroke motors.

Pretty cool seeing this racer's face inside his helmet; that looks some some pretty serious concentration.

Number 179 in the lead is one of several women that were racing; this girl was fast!

The banged-up leathers on this racer are a demonstration that this is shoestring budget amateur racing rather than the high dollar corporate-sponsored professional racing. No less exciting, though!

A street bike belonging to a fellow fan. Something different!

As always, a great day of racing! And, I topped it off with a visit to Trader Joe's in Greenville on my way home!


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