Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Churches off 261 November 2011

One day in November Donna and I headed out for a day of driving on a beautiful sunny day and stopped and walked around 3 neat old churches along Highway 261 a bit north of Sumter. We visited Bethesda Methodist, the Church of the Ascension Episcopal, and the Church of the Holy Cross, the final resting place of Joel Poinsett, the man who introduced the plant named after him to the U.S. We also visited the grave of General Thomas Sumter and some of his family members. Here are some photos we took that day. Donna and I were sharing a camera, so some of these are hers. :-)

I know Donna took these next 3, because she loves Ginkgo trees. :-)

And I know I took these next 2, because I love Spanish moss. :-)

Either of us could have taken this one, because we both love old padlocks.


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