Monday, September 25, 2006

300 mile loop around Columbia

On Sunday my friend Hanna and I rode a 300 mile loop around Columbia. Shortly after leaving Columbia I realized that Hanna was no longer in my mirrors, so I looped back and found him on the side of the road with a totally flat rear tire. Quoting Anthony Hopkins in World's Fastest Indian, fortunately on the bottom was flat. :-) Ever the prepared rider, he wipped out his flat repair kit and air compressor and had it plugged and reinflated in no time, so we were back on our way.

We headed north on 215 and stopped for a while at the Monticello Reservoir. Being early on a Sunday morning, hardly anyone was out there, so it was incredibly quiet and tranquil. We visited and shot photos for a while before heading on.

From there we took various roads, finding a couple of winding ones, toward Chester, and then to Lancaster, where we stopped for lunch. We found both gas stations and restaurants to be in very limited supply up that way, but we finally found a KFC that was open.

We then headed down to Great Falls and rode 97 south along the eastern side of Lake Wateree, and took Wilderness Road from Liberty Hill. This is a fantastic hidden gem of a curvy road. Some of it is residential, so you can't take it too fast, but even at somewhat slow speeds it's still a lot of fun. We then continued down 97 to Camden, and then slabbed it home. It was a great day to be out riding!

Photos from the Monticello Reservoir


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