Sunday, November 26, 2006

Installed heated grips on my VFR

I recently installed a set of heated grip on my Ninja and absolutely love them, so I installed a set on my VFR this weekend. I took my time to choose optimum wire routing paths so that it's barely noticeable and looks stock. I installed a relay near the battery and trigger it with the license plate light so they can't be left on accidentally with the bike off and deplete the battery. In looking for a good spot to mount the switch, so that it looks good, is visible in riding position, and is easy to get to, I found the perfect spot in the steering head, which is hollow on the VFR. I've been wanting to plug it with something anyway, as the stock plastic plug was missing when I bought the bike, and out of principle I didn't wish to spend $12 for a stock Honda plug. This fit the bill perfectly! The wires run through the steering head and out the bottom, so they're well hidden, and it makes for a very good wire run. I took it for a test ride, and they're toasty! While I was at it, I replaced the stock grips with some ProGrips that offer a bit more cushioning than the stock ones. $30 for the heated grips and $10 for the ProGrips.


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