Monday, December 31, 2007

Concord Covered Bridge Near Atlanta

On my way home for Christmas I made a small detour and visited the Concord covered bridge just west of Atlanta. It's very easy to get to - take exit 20 off I-285 near the Galleria, go NW on 41 for just a tad, and then turn left onto Spring Rd; after a couple of miles it becomes Concord Rd; keep going for another 3-4 miles, and you'll come right to it. Alternatively take exit 12 off I-285, go W on 78/278, then turn R onto Floyd Rd in Mableton, then R on Concord.

I was surprised at how old this bridge is; it was built in 1850! It is in very good shape and still carries a good deal of traffic. There isn't a parking area, but there is a driveway on the west end, which is where I parked. I was snapping a couple of photos when a gentleman who lives across the street and up a hill looking down on the bridge invited me over for a better view. He was very nice, and it turns out he is a South Carolina native. He told me that a Civil War battle had been fought across the creek. His property really did offer a great view; I can't imagine opening your front door and seeing a 157-year-old bridge!

GA has 15 covered bridges, and I'm on a quest to visit them all; this was number seven - halfway there!


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