Saturday, December 13, 2008

Redcliffe Plantation and Phinizy Swamp

On August 29 Donna and I visited Redcliffe Plantation and Phinizy Swamp, both just outside of Augusta, GA. I failed to post about this trip immediately following, but I figure better never late than never; plus, seeing some vegetation in bloom is a welcome thing now that we're in the midst of winter!

We first went to Redcliffe Plantation, which was built in 1859. Tours are offered, but we were too late to catch one, but just roaming the grounds was fun, and we saw some pretty things, and some unusual ones, such as giant patches of mushrooms:

And this oddly-formed tree:
There were some very pretty flowers scattered about:

Though we could not go in the main house, we were able to go into the slave quarters. They were small and simple, but nice and well-built.

The main house. Interesting porch - houses of that time period were usually symmetric with a porch that spanned the entire front or wrapped around both sides, but this one has an asymmetric L-shaped porch.

This little fellow was hanging out on the porch:

The horse stable:
We next visited the Phinizy Swamp. It was hot and humid, but it was well worth it to view some gorgeous scenery.


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