Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Landsford Canal State Park

A couple of years back Donna and I visited Landsford Canal State Park near Rock Hill, SC (blog post here) and really enjoyed it, so we recently visited again the weekend of May 22. From the park's website:

Stretched along the Catawba River along the South Carolina fall line, the park is home to the well-preserved remains of the canal system that made the river commercially navigable from 1820 to 1835. Locks, a mill site and the lockkeeper’s home are among the numerous intact structures from that era.

Out in the river is one of the largest known stands of rocky shoals spider lilies, tough plants that hang tight in the swift water and bloom spectacularly in a huge blanket of white in late May and early June.

The spider lilies were in full bloom:

The hike along the river was nice.

Look closely!

Lots of well-preserved masonry from the canal and locks.

We always enjoy seeing herons. I like the fact that they're solitary and elusive creatures.

After leaving there we visited Glencairn Gardens in downtown Rock Hill; it is a very nice park with lots of vegetation and flowing water.

Before heading home we had dinner; we never eat at Shoney's, but for some reason the last time we visited Rock Hill we ate there and enjoyed it and had the best server ever, plus Donna likes their strawberry pie, so we ate there again on this trip. Another good meal and server, and Donna had her pie again (a freshly-baked one, at that), so next time we visit, Shoney's again it will be. :-)


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