Monday, March 23, 2009

Lynches River County Park and Schoolhouse Barbecue

On March 20, 2009 Donna and I visited Lynches River County Park near Effingham, SC. It is a nice, well-maintained park that features a mile-long trail through the woods and a quarter-mile boardwalk that follows the river.

After enjoying the trail and boardwalk we found a cozy nook to sit and read for a while. We then headed down the road to Scranton, home of Schoolhouse Barbecue, a barbecue restaurant housed in a schoolhouse built during the 30's as part of the WPA. They had good food, and that, coupled with the atmosphere of the old schoolhouse, made for a really enjoyable visit.


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As an addendum, this was the last journey from my Protege. Two days later when I headed off for church on Sunday morning, my water pump belt broke. I was very fortunate that it broke then and not Friday night driving home from Scranton! We'd have been up a creek. That and a couple of other things were the signs to me that it was finally time to retire it after 243,000 very good miles. A couple of weeks later I bought a Mazda 3 to replace it, and several months later I sold my Protege to a local college student. I'm sure it has a bunch of miles left in it, but I just no longer trusted it for long journeys.


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