Sunday, September 09, 2012

Indianapolis August 2012

I recently drove up to Indianapolis to enjoy a weekend of MotoGP motorcycle racing at the Speedway. This was the fifth year that MotoGP has raced in Indy and the fourth year that I've gone. I met up with 3 friends from the Cincinnati area and 5 from the Detroit area.

Just below the Ohio state line in Florence, KY I drove past the infamous "Florence Y'all" water tower. It originally said "Florence Mall" but legal woes forced it to be changed, and this was a quick and cheap solution that has lived on since it came into being in 1974.

Here's a shot of my favorite racer, Italian Valentino Rossi, showing how it's done.

In addition to the racing action, lots of manufacturers and vendors had their wares on display over the weekend. Ducati had their newest machine and one of the, if not THE most technologically advanced streetbikes ever made, the Panigale.

I got to sit on another Panigale. :-)

Underside of an older Ducati.

Very cool cutaway bike that gives a great view of how it all works.

One of the racing machines stripped down in the pits.

Wicked exhaust! This bike was parked outside the Broad Ripple Brewpub, the oldest brewpub in the state, where we enjoyed some excellent grub Saturday night.

Racing action on Sunday!

There goes Valentino on his way to get a cappucino and some canoli.

On my way home on Monday I stopped and visited Cumberland Falls and the nearby Eagle Falls. Cumberland Falls is inside a park with restrooms, a snack bar, and a gift shop. It is very easy to access via a short walkway and is very impressive!

The spray was producing a very nice rainbow while I was there. On nights with a full moon you can see a rare moonbow; Cumberland Falls is one of only two places in the world that reliably produces moonbows.

I then drove the short distance out of the park and across the river to the trail head that leads to Eagle Falls. The trail was moderately strenuous and about 3 miles round trip.

Along the way I was rewarded with another view of Cumberland Falls from the other side of the river.

And, here's Eagle Falls. Lots more effort and not nearly as impressive, but it's a waterfall nonetheless, and that makes me happy. :-)

On the way back up the trail I spotted this heron doing a bit of fishing.

Another great Indianapolis adventure! Saw some great racing action and lots of cool motorcycles, spent time with friends, and ate some great food!


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