Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cleveland School Fire

A few days ago I rode out to Camden and visited the site of the Cleveland School, a school that burned in 1923, killing 77 people. The fire occurred during the performance of a graduation play, which tragically was planned to be the last use of the building; the following school year it was no longer going to be used, and school children would have attended neighboring schools. Here is a very informative article about the event, including a map if you wish to visit. Hat tip to my friend Cole for telling me about this historic site!

There is a pump house in the shape of the school on the grounds.

This is a monument in memory of those who perished.

A couple of miles away is a cemetery in which there is a mass grave containing the remains of most of those who perished.

This handwritten tombstone is unrelated to the school fire, but I thought it was quite interesting.

A bit of good came from this tragedy in that laws were passed very soon afterward making buildings much safer.


At Friday, July 06, 2012 8:46:00 AM, Blogger Eddie said...

I had never heard this story. How tragic.


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