Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ninja modification weekend

This weekend I made several modifications to my Ninja: I converted the front turn signals to daytime running lights, I added flasher capabilities to the turn signals, I added grip heaters, and I installed new grips.

To make the DRLs I installed relays to invert how the signals operate - instead of normally being off and flashing on, they are now always on and flash off. This will help make the bike a bit more noticeable from the front.

To make the flashers, I found that simply jumpering the left and right wires coming out of the turn signal switch causes all four to flash, so I just tapped into each line and ran them to a switch. There have been several occasions when I'm riding in heavy rain or fog when I would have felt a lot safer with flashers, so I'm glad to have them now.

Grip heaters are the last thing I need right now, but they'll sure be nice come winter. I used the Symtec units that sell for about $25. I cut off my old, worn-out grips, wrapped the mylar films around the handlebars, and installed a new set of Oury grips on top. I carefully routed the wires over to the new relays and switches; there are three relays, one each for the two front turn signals, and one to provide power to the heated grips, and two switches, which I mounted on the fairing near the left handlebar.


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