Monday, October 02, 2006

Dupont State Forest Waterfalls

Yesterday my friend Hanna and I visited the waterfalls of DuPont State Forest southeast of Asheville. We took Highway 276 over Caesar's Head, which is always worth a stop at the overlook.

First up was Hooker Falls, a short but very wide fall that was easy to get to.

Next was Triple Falls, a fall comprised of three separate drops; it was my favorite of the three that we visited; a bit of a hike was necessary to get to this one. We were able to get atop the lowest of the three sub-falls, which gave a great view of the upper two.

A more rigorous hike took us to High Falls.

From there we rode into Hendersonville for lunch, and then continued toward Chimney Rock and Lake Lure.

We stopped at the Lake for a bit before hitting Alt-74 between Chimney Rock and Fairview. What a fantastic road! Hanna had recently driven it and knew it would be a ton of fun on the bikes, and he was right. We rode up to Fairview and back, then took 64 back to the interstate and rode it home. We were gone about 12 hours and covered about 375 miles. The falls were really incredible; I highly recommend a visit there; take a picnic lunch and a book. Here are all the photos I took and the the photos Hanna took.


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